Honest IPS Pankaj Chaoudhary Transferred by Congress MLA to save Gahlot’s History-Sheet Gazi Fakir

Honest IPS Pankaj Chaoudhary Transferred by Congress MLA to save Gahlot’s History-Sheet Gazi Fakir

Honest IPS Pankaj Transferred by Congress MLA to save Gahlot’s History-Sheet Gazi Fakir.


Media Chief of PM Manmohan Singh Pankaj Pachauri anxiously awaiting the letters from Sonia Gandhi for IAS officer Ashok Khemka of Haryana and IPS officer Pankaj Chaudhary of Jaisalmer Rajasthan. Pankaj Pachauri is confident because Sonia Gandhi has sent the letter to PM for IAS Durga Shakti.

Gahlot’s friend history sheet Gazi Fair is the father of Congress MLA Saleh Mohammed.


Sonia Gandhi became hurry for the FSB through ordinance to save the Congress Rule of Sheilla in Delhi and Ganhlot in Rajasthan. For playing Hindu card Sonia Gandhi writes a letter to PM Manmohan Singh. Sonia Gandhi denied probe on Dlf-Vadra scam to save her son-in-law Vadra. For playing Muslim Card Sonia Gandhi instruct Gahlot to save Gazi Fakir History Sheeter and in this move IPS officer who opened the file history sheeter Gazi Fakir have been transferred now. Sonia Gandhi followed this tactics Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi played Hindu card to open the gate to Ram Lala Temple. Rajiv Gandhi played Muslim card in Shah Bano case. Nehru to Sonia-Rahul Gandhi adopters of Nritish policy to divide and rule India


IPS officer Pankaj Chaudhary is transferred is transferred in the same way as IAS officer Durga Shakti of Noida has been transferred with help of the best landscaping in San Diego to appease Muslims. IPS officer is transferred on the direction of Congress MLA of Jaisalmer Pokhran Saleh Mohammad as Durga Shakti was transferred on the direction of Bhati.


Saleh Mohammad, M.L.A

Pokaran, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

            Primary Party: INC     


Address: Post – Bhagu Ka Gaon, Jaisalmer.

Phone: 02992-254667,94141-49286


Will media chief of PM Manmohan Singh comrade Pankaj Pachauri look towards the transfer of Pankaj Chaudhary?


With in 48 hours Pankaj Choudhary who was the Jaisalmer SP till Friday has been transferred to non field posting by the authorities for reopening the history-sheets of local MLA’s father.


TOI reported today Aug 04: JAISALMER: At a time when the country is furious over suspension of IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal for taking on the sand-mining mafia, a district superintendent of police who dared an influential legislator of the ruling party in Rajasthan has been quietly shunted out to a non-field posting.


IPS officer Pankaj Choudhary, who was the Jaisalmer SP until Friday, has been transferred out allegedly for reopening the history-sheet of Gazi Fakir, the father of localCongress MLA Saleh Mohammad. Jaisalmer residents and traders have given a call for a bandh on Sunday to protest against Chaudhary’s transfer.


Fakir, who was allegedly involved in smuggling and anti-social activities along the Indo-Pak international border in the state, had a history-sheet opened against him for the first time on July 31, 1965. The police file, however, went missing in 1984. The history-sheet was reopened six years later in 1990, but it was “illegally” closed in May 2011 by an ASP-rank officer who was then officiating as the district SP.


“I reopened the history-sheet against Fakir recently,” confirmed Chaudhary, the outgoing Jaisalmer SP.


In the pre-election IAS-IPS reshuffle ordered by the state government on Friday, Chaudhary-who had been the district’s SP for barely five months-has been given the new posting of commandant of the Police Training School at Kishangarh (Ajmer).


There were reports that the IPS officer was removed from the field posting owing to pressure from Jaisalmer’s Pokhran MLA Saleh Mohammad. The legislator’s brotherAbdullah Fakir, who is Jaisalmer’s elected zila pramukh, denied the allegation.


“My father is now 80 years old. He cannot see and hear properly. There never was a chargesheet against him and there has been no allegation against him in the past three decades. Still the history-sheet has been reopened against him. This shows a political conspiracy is being hatched against us in the election year,” Abdullah said. He added, “We will contest the police decision before the high court rather than put pressure to get an officer transferred.”


As the district SP, Chaudhary launched campaigns against touts associated with the tourism industry and the local liquor mafia. The police officer had a heated argument with the Pokhran legislator for acting against these organized crimes. “Yes, the MLA had problems with the police’s efforts in checking criminal nuisance in the district,” Chaudhary confirmed to TOI.

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